You can't steal a golf swing

The modern world and especially social media is littered with people stealing content, stealing creativity, stealing someone else’s hard work. 

A video goes viral and the world’s so-called experts think they can steal it. Use it for their own gains, own comments, own likes. 

Take a browse around, especially if you are on youtube. 
See how much content is from the original poster. 
See how much of it has been stolen from another creator. 

People putting other people’s videos together and passing them off as original content is stealing too. 

Now in golf, you simply can’t do that. 
You can’t steal someone else’s golf swing and pass it off as your own. 

You can’t steal someone else’s knowledge and pass it off as your own. 

All you can do is put in the work, commit to the learning, practising and playing. 

There’s no shortcut, no quick fix, no gimmick to get you to a great score. 

You have to get off your ass and do it yourself.

It’s also why you won’t succeed in the world too if you think you can steal your way to success.

You need to do the work. You need to own the work. Do more work on your creative project than anyone else has done. Then you can call it yours.

Then you can own its success or failure. At least it will be yours though.
Not stolen. Somethin you created, you made, you stand by – like your golf swing.