You Are The Star Of Your Golf Movie - How About In Life?

On a golf course, we get it. We are the star of our golf swing.
Only one person hits it, and only one person can make it better.

The Advice can come and go.
You can choose when to take it, implement it or scrap it.

But you cannot follow.
You can’t follow someone else without making a swing.
You can’t play the game without you actually hitting a shot.

It’s not the same for a lot of people in life though.
Following is the way and never joining the game.

We all spend too much time watching the content of others.

You want to write a book. Start writing. Don’t watch videos on how to do it.
You want to learn the guitar. Buy a guitar and get going. Yes, you need the learning but you need to pick it up and start playing the notes.

You want to start a business. Cool work out what you want to do and go for it.

In anything you do, become the star, not the sideshow bob.
There are plenty of ways to shortcut, to make quick money, to jump the line.
But not if you plan to be the star of the show.
You can make money by promoting others. It’s easy to do.

When you become the star of your movie though, it’s so much more meaningful to you.

It will take a huge amount of patience, effort, courage and hard work.
But writing the script to your own movie, where you are lead is the only way forward.

Just like in golf. If you choose you could stand on the sides, outside the ropes and watch others lead the way.

Or, you can pick up your bag, get out your clubs and step into the ring as you, not someone else – you.