Why This Is My New Favourite Photo

Photo Credit: Paul%20Nicholson%20Default%20Small CHRElectro

If you don’t know me I’m on the right and Ben, a friend of mine, is on the left.

He’d had a stressful evening a week before and he was telling the blow by blow, literally. I’d heard some of the story from others and knew there’d been a real drama.

So you’d think I was about to tell you that I gave Ben some great life advice, I’m 20 years older than him after all. You’d think I pondered the problems he had after the event and again offered some pearls of wisdom.


What I love about this picture is up ahead you can just make out our balls together, around 200 yards away.

What really gets me about it is by the time he’d hit his 2nd shot there wasn’t enough room in his or my brain to worry about what happened last week. For the next 2 hours, he was free of the issue. Golf was going to give him a break from reality and give him enough problems to handle right now.

It was also going to give him a couple of hours with his friends and family and that’s a huge gift.

It’s pretty much why I love golf. You can’t be somewhere else and play at the same time. It’s almost impossible. Golf demands your attention – that little ball in that little hole is all you can think about.

You can return to the world at a later date.

So now you will see this picture around my blog and know it means more to me than you’d imagine.

Get out for 9 holes with some friends and prove it to yourself. We all have things going on, all have those problems that piss us off and we all need to find something that gives us a break from it. For me it is Golf, you just need to find what it is for you.

Paul Nicholson