When Did Latte Become Acceptable?

I think it’s a fair question. At what point in life did Latte please become acceptable?

I sure as hell wouldn’t have said it at 20. Possibly not at 25 or even 30.

When do we change? I guess it’s all the time and what I accept as normal now will be bull shit in 5 years time.

Change they say is the only constant in life and they are right. Nobody knows what the next phone call brings, or email, text, bump into someone in the street.

So why do we worry?
Does it matter that now I say Latte please when I never used to. Who else will ever care that I drink Lattes?
Truth is no one. Everyone else is too busy wondering why they say Latte please now when they didn’t used to. You just did didn’t you?

Truth is get up and do what the hell you want to do. Ok it might feel weird now just like the first time I ordered a Latte but in time it will become normal to you.
I’m not saying quit your job and go live with the wolves in the forest but 1 day at a time you can move towards the life you dreamed of.
When did you give up on a dream? When you needed a job? When you had kids? I bet you can remember.

For me I always wanted to be a writer. Even when I was in remedial English classes at school I knew I had an imagination. Ok I was bad English and my hand writing was as bad as when I learnt even at 12. }
It’s not much better now.
But here I am. Writing. Is it any good? Does it matter. Doing what you dreamed of is a higher future than not doing it. Better to you dream badly than walk down a road you don’t like forever.

Ii hear the resistance grenades going off inside you. The inner thought that says you can’t rekindle a dream and chase it. You’re too old, have too many responsibilities, don’t have the skills.
You know the excuses are bull shit. If you want it enough you will do whatever it is you need to, to make it happen.

The battle vs resistance to do what you want to do is fought every single day.