What Am I Doing Wrong?

What Am I Doing Wrong? – The Art Of Fore! Life Lessons From The Golfing Gods

I’ve come to understand in Golf and therefore in life that everyone wants someone to watch them. They don’t want to go off and learn what it takes to play golf they want someone else to watch them and tell them what they are doing wrong.

BUT, not a Golf professional, not someone who actually knows what he’s looking at. They will ask their uneducated friends to take a look at them and say “what am I doing wrong?” Your friend is probably worse at golf than you and you want their advice.

Very few people seem to take it to the range, the place where you test out your swing, where you discover for yourself what feels right or wrong. Most rack up for their weekly round and think there will be a massive change at some point even though they’ve done zero work to be better.

And then there’s the mate. A good mate will encourage you, tell you you’re doing ok. And they should but are they really helping you? Are they giving you valuable feedback on what you are doing? Do you need someone else to tell you what you are doing wrong? Or does Happy-Me begin with you and then think about asking an expert?

I never ask what I’m doing wrong. The people in earshot of me have no skills to fix me. And on the odd times they’ve tried to they get quite a short question of “Did I ask for help?” Every time someone hits a bad shot it seems to be human nature for people to try to offer some advice, even when it’s not been asked for, maybe the person who hit the bad shot was just trying something new and it was supposed to fail 1st time. Coaches in the car park I say.

—That’s About Golf RIght?—

Do you ever find yourself asking for advice from people who have no experience at what you’re doing? People who can never tell how you are feeling or what the full story is? There’s a massive stigma for going and getting professional advice but why do we think mates will ever give us anything but the fluff. If you write a new song will a mate tell you it needs a lot of work or tell you how close to amazing it is? Be careful who you are asking for advice and be aware if you are not putting any work in to the problem you are trying to fix.

Do you really need a “Life Coach”, professional or one that does it for free. Can you not feel what happened and what you should do? Inside you, isn’t it telling you what this life coach is already going to say?

Here’s what your life coach will do. Hey Paul let me see your watch. They take a look at my watch and then tell me the time.

Again Coaches in the Car Park.