Walk Yah Bastard

A baby girl sits in the middle of the carpet. She tries to stand up but fails, unperturbed she tries again. Her mother watches on certain she’s going to get it.

After numerous tries the mother walks over, picks the baby up and sits her next to the sofa. The baby looks up at the sofa and after a few seconds she begins to pull herself up. It takes a few attempts but eventually she gets to a standing position. She looks around for her mum, finds her, smiles and waves.

The mum isn’t overly impressed, she’s seen this done by the baby a few times and Mrs. Smith’s kid down the street was doing it months ago.

The next day and after a few failed attempts the baby moves away from the sofa with first the left foot and then the right. She’s standing up without any support for just a few seconds, then a wobble and a bump, back to the floor. The baby looks up and with a determined face she gets back to the start position and sets sail again. This time she makes three steps before the bump.

A week after the 1st try, the baby stands holding the sofa and spies her mum sat on the seat opposite, 20 steps away. She pushes off and takes the 20 steps across the room to her smiling mother.

“Thank Christ for that” her mother says relieved “If you never made it across today I was going to tell everyone you couldn’t walk and be done with it.”

The baby smiles.