The Man From Atlantis – How I know I’m not better than you and you’re not better than me

Many years ago, I was challenged to a sporting duel by an irate Scotsman “pick any sport and I will beat you at it” he’d declared confidently.

I’d been a competitive swimmer until five years before, so I thought that was my best chance and replied ok Swimming.

He looked surprised, I think he thought I was going to say tennis or golf or something else but without missing a beat he said, and this is the clean version, “Who are you big man The Man From Atlantis?”.

The assembled crowd laughed and all bets were off.

It’s this story that reminds me that we all have unique talents, we all have things we are excellent at and things we suck at, and sometimes those “talents” (that we worked years to be talented at) are hidden from view.

It makes it simply impossible for anyone to be better than me at everything and vice versa.

I’m not spending time worrying about the things I’m crap at anymore it just saps my energy. I know I’m crap at Table Tennis but I don’t sit around all day thinking about it.

Don’t judge yourself one on one with someone else it’s pointless. They have greatness you have greatness.

Stop competing and start creating, find that thing you are good at, or the thing you really want to do, and then each day just work on getting better at it. Trust me after five years of daily creating a better you, you won’t be looking around to compete with anyone. You’ll be so good you’ll just be looking around confident in your own unique greatness and admiring the greatness within others.

And then you’ll get back to creating.

The world is plenty big enough for all of us to be doing the things we want to do.
It’s time now to decide what that is and then go create that life.