The Good, The Bad And The Average – Every Shot Is Alive For 30 Seconds

I was on a high yesterday, four shots up on my Stableford score and nothing could go wrong.
I was in the zone, playing the best I’d played for a few months.

A 186 yard par 3 into the wind.
Stroke index 17 on the card (the 2nd easiest hole on the course)

I stepped up for a stinger 1 hybrid. That’s supposed to be a low one.
Took a swing…

And 4 shots later I’d blown two of my four shot lead. A double bogey five.
Sloppy work on the next few holes and I was back to level.
The nail in the coffin was a 50 yard drive I hit into some long grass and I lost the ball.

In seven holes, my four-shot lead on the course had vanished, and I was down by two with three to play.

I wrestled back a shot and walked off losing to the course by one.

My point is though, I love golf because it doesn’t care.
It’s not thinking how well you are playing. It’s not monitoring your feel good or feel crap factor.

All golf knows is the shot in front of you. The one at your feet.
And it knows anything can happen, and we’ve all seen absolutely anything happen right?

The golfing gods, if they exist, let you get a little carried away. They let you even dream of telling your mates about your best round ever. Then quietly they inject your swing with a little dose of reality that leaves you reaching for a new ball.

Every shot deserves your undivided attention, as if it’s the first or last of the day. This is something we all must build into our routines for success.

It’s of course the same in life and business. Just because you’ve had four great days in a row doesn’t mean you can put your feet up and think the run will continue. You have to put the process in place to make this day great too.

The same can be said for a run of bad days, or even bad hours. If you can reset, you can go again. All new.

This is a Happy-Me Golf Philosophy fundamental rule.

This lesson is hard to learn when you think you have everything in order, and then something doesn’t work out as you plan. But if you are aware of the lesson, rather than cursing your bad luck, then you can improve day on day, shot to shot.

Continue building, evolving your great processes and there’s nothing you can’t do.

Have a great day my friend. Just be you wherever you are – right now!

Happy-Me Golf – The Art Of Fore! Life Lessons From The Golfing Gods.