The Golfing Gods Don’t Care About Your Depression, Bipolar, ADHD Or Any Other Problem You Have…

It’s true the golfing gods are brutal. If you are ill or just having a bad day, they are going to hammer you.

No matter what condition you bring to the golf course, all bets are off with them. They are about to test you in ways you don’t care to know.

And you have two options. Quit, give up and never come back. Or stare those golfing gods in the face and simply say “bring it”.

From the 1st shot to last they never get tired.
When they sense a weakness they attack it with everything they’ve got.

Just as you think you’re about to call it a day, the golfing gods give you a break.
They allow a moment of wonder. A shot that will bring you back for more.
It’s usually the 18th tee shot when you’ve had 17 disasters before it.

My point of this Happy-Me Golf blog though is:

There are no golfing gods. Just the voices in your head and a few bad bounces. The voices in your head don’t care about your conditions either. They will batter you from the minute you wake up to the second you finally go to sleep, and on into your dreams sometimes too.

Getting out and laughing at those golfing gods though will, like it did for me, give you an insight into the inner demons that a plaguing your daily life.

With golf, if you play enough, you learn to battle the gods in everything they throw at you. You begin to see the interference coming. Every time I walk onto a green I wait for the little voice in my head that quietly says “you could three putt that” I smile, nod to the gods and just as quietly reply “I could one putt it too”.

I would never belittle your condition. I hope you’ve been to see a professional for help. What I encourage though is that you put yourself in a safe place, like a golf course, where you can begin to learn a lot more about yourself. You can quietly monitor what’s happening and slowly begin to deal with the voices that continue to talk crap to you.

Slowly come up with a plan, so when you feel the signs of them coming to run interference on you, you calmly respond in the manner you want to. A response you have decided on your terms.

But keep playing the game, golf and life are the same. They are hard and you will get many things thrown at you. When you think you have it cracked, something else will come up to trip you over, but you should know that for every fall you are further down the road.

I’m afraid to say though. The fact is, if the golfing gods exist they don’t care about what is wrong with you. The same can be said for nearly all of the human race. They are too busy battling their own demons to worry about yours. You have to decide on what you want to do with your problems, this is Happy-Me – it’s not Happy-Everyone else in the world.

Have a great day my friend. Just be you wherever you are – right now!

Happy-Me Golf – The Art Of Fore! Life Lessons From The Golfing Gods.