The Golfing Dilemma – Giving People What They Want

You see it every day on the golf course or range.

A golfer wants to hit the ball longer.
Practicing the driver at the range, shot after shot.

No matter the age or skill level, it’s the single biggest want of a golfer.

And here comes the pro or the low handicap friend.

No No, you should practice your putting, that’s where your shots are.
Get good with your 7 Iron, then you’ll be able to hit all your clubs.

I’ve been guilty of this in golf and life.

People are telling us what they want.
Directly, to our faces not through dodgy data or surveys.

They tell us. Right in front of us. No doubt about it.

Why doesn’t golf listen to them and just help them out with it?
Why are we always discouraging people’s wants?

Why not give tips and advice on what is being actually asked for?
As in, just help them to hit the ball further. That’s what they are trying to do.
Don’t give BS advice on what you think they should do. They know what they want.

You can’t help your inner wants.
And you shouldn’t apologies for them.

It’s Happy-Me Golf.
Please help me tickle a ball round a course golf.

If people want to learn how to smash the ball as far as they can.
Then help them do it.

—That’s About Golf Right?—