The Five Year Plan

I’ve always been asked what my five year plan is and the answer has always been the same – I don’t have one.

If you have one great! If I sit back and look at my working life, which scarily comes up to 20 years in May, maybe there was some 5 year plans going on.

1993 – 1998
In late May 1993 I failed a HND in Computer Studies course at Doncaster College. Ironic I know for someone who now owns his own IT company. After my parents found out, and and were rightly hacked off, they quickly moved to find me a proper job. A few weeks later I was on an Alarm Fitting apprenticeship and on my way to the lofty heights of £35 a week. After a placement at ACAP Security who luckily went bust I’d move on to Advance Alarms and Security where I’d learn my trade, customer service skills and how to deal with trainees. 5 years on I’d have an I’d move on.

In May 1998 I was on a flight to Bermuda to continue the Alarm Fitting adventure. A great place to live and work and surprisingly the security systems installed were far more advanced than those I’d been using back home. Although a little daunting at first especially as this was before the internet and all those travel review sites it would turn out to be a great move for me. After almost 5 years to the day I landed in Bermuda I was on a plane back to the Uk to try and pursue a normal life.

I like to call the 9 months back in the Uk my 9 Uk pregnancy. Because it was miserable and sapped a life out of me.
After an unsuccessful time we’d decided to head back to Bermuda. Within 2 years of the return we’d split up and I been promoted to Installation and Service management at Bermuda Security Group. This is where I met my first database and crystal report. Yeah that does sound exciting right.

In April 2008 I’d decided to head home to be closer to my family after the sad death of my mum which you all know about. This was the beginning of at first DataTechSecurity Ltd, which was then changed into Blue Jeans Media Ltd. A new adventure of working for myself and all the highs and lows that brings. Drink With Paul began in 2009 and that introduced me to the world of web design and dragged me into being a prolific pain in the social media world’s asses.

2013 – 2018
Who knows what the next chapter of Life Nicholson will be. In early April 2013 we’ll be opening The Beer Emporium – Bristol. My first steps into bar ownership luckily with some some good directors around to hopefully make it a success.

So looking back. A 5 year plan? No there never was one or was there?