The Easiest Way To Silence My Space Monkey

Is give it a beer.

Yep. That’s a problem.

During most days my space monkey can go to fever pitch at some point. The stress and strains of daily life drive it into the trees where it happily throws peanuts at me. Unrelenting on long days never ceasing.

And on those days when the world is in a spin the only solution is a beer or five. The Space Monkey goes to sleep for the first four.

On the fifth though it awakens, it’s ready to engage and interfere again. Even though drinking was its idea, now it’s pissed off because I’ve tip toed into the territory of having too much. Now when I get home I’m eating cheese and any other crap in the house. The Space Monkey has taken over the decision making process, or more to the point the bad decision making process.

The morning will come too quick and with it a miserable space monkey that’s got a hangover.

Be careful when you quieten your space monkey with a treat like coffee, chocolate, alcohol, cigarettes or drugs, there’s always a price to pay on the other side. The space monkey takes a break during the consumption but after the event if you are not careful the space monkey is gonna be real pissy with you, and guess what the only thing that quietens it down is…?