The 18 Holes Of Life


Golf is like life here’s why. 

Holes 1 to 5
You are just starting out the possibilities are endless, your potential is unlimited.
The score has been refreshed and it’s a whole new day.

Holes 6 to 9
The round is in full flow and if it’s going bad there’s still a chance to save it.
Get back in the game and refocus on the direction again.
If it’s going well you may not be aware that all that could change in an instance.

Holes 11 to 15
Your round is pretty much set you know the outcome now.
You’ve followed your chosen path and began to accept its results.
Hope is beginning to fade the end of the round is on the horizon.

Holes 16 and 17
Reflecting on what could have been or a great round.
Wins and losses on the holes before begin to help you take stock. Realising a do-over is not possible theirs a sense of what could have been even on the best days.

Hole 18
You flush one down the last. You’ve completely relaxed.
There’s no need to worry now. Everything that could have happened has happened.
All the hope that started out 3 hours ago is now a reality and one you can’t change.
You take a deep a breath and look around, no matter what the outcome now –