The #1 Thing I See You All Struggling With - Gary Vaynerchuk

So many entrepreneurs and personal brands tell Gary that they are struggling to monetize their audience when trying to sell something. Gary’s reply is the reason their audience won’t buy anything from is them is because they aren’t providing enough value upfront before asking for a sale. Too many personal brands are trying to knock someone out with a sale when they should be jabbing with value first. - GaryVeeTV

6:25 Gary Nails it you are halfway pregnant.
You’re grey. Neither all the way Black (as in selling funnels full on) or all the way white (free content)
Stuck in the middle.
If you just want to make money then go to the dark side build a funnel that will make you money but not lifelong customers.
Go all the way to the light and see customers coming to your funeral they care that much.