That Advice Sucked - The Art Of Fore!

That Advice Sucked – The Art Of Fore! – Life Lessons From The Golfing Gods.

Have you ever received advice from someone and thought what the hell are you on about, especially when you haven’t asked for it?

The golfing advisor is that person.

You may or may not have asked for help but it is always in ready supply on a golf course or at the range. The thing is though, you only ever get advice as to what the advisor has just fixed in their own game, or what they want to achieve.

I know from experience when I fix a part of my game it becomes my go to advice snippet. I recently shortened my back swing and made it very slow to try and achieve more control and feel.

My golfing advice now “Why don’t you shorten your backswing and make it slower, you’ll be able to control your swing better”.

It’s advice to myself handed out to anybody who will listen.

When I need to fix my putting, I’ll tell anybody who’ll listen “you need to practice putting more”. Advice for me not them, even though that is good advice.

——-That’s About Golf Right——

Have you ever noticed the people who are desperate for a relationship tell you, you need one. Or the ones in a crap relationship tell you to be single. All advice I receive, asked for or not, always seems to be more about the person giving it than me. The same is definitely true when people tell you how you feel but that’s another post.

Tell me your stories where you know the advice you were giving or receiving was all about the person giving it? Give me some advice let’s see who it’s really for? ha.

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