Thanks For The Excuse I Was Looking For To Miss

The Art Of Fore — Life Lessons From The Golfing Gods

The golfing gods are always kind in their ability to give you an excuse to miss. It comes in many forms, a dodgy green, windy conditions, mud on the ball, a playing partner stepping on your line or god forbid moving while you take a shot, a rabbit shagging in the woods making far too much noise.

There’s literally hundreds of reasons to miss and yesterday I noticed it.

I was about to hit a putt when the thought came in to my head “this ones a little tricky” I smiled though this time, and gave the golfing gods a nod of thanks. That’s the thought where I let myself of the hook for the inevitable miss. The get out of jail free card.

I hit the putt and rolled the ball up to the side of the hole. Not a bad effort but I knew I’d let my mind focus on the inevitable miss. This time though there was a difference, I’d noticed what I’d done and I wasn’t about to go into my usual routine of telling everyone just how hard a putt it was, or giving the line a double stare like the pros do when they miss one.

I’d finally noticed that I wasn’t concentrating on a relaxed target. Here’s the line, hit it there and it’s got a chance. When you do that, your billion $ brain goes into overdrive and it takes control. It knows what you want and it has locked on to the target.

When the thought is “I could miss this because” your billion $ brain is in flux, it isn’t sure what you are asking of it. “Do you want me to put the ball in the place you are thinking about or the hole?” its asking. You then answer with well don’t go ten feet past and that’s just another confusing instruction.

Focus on target, relax to target, you have an unbelievable brain that is on your side — it just needs to know what you want.

That’s about golf right?