Take Dead Aim - Paul's Blog

Yesterday at the range the “Take Dead Aim” philosophy of golf dropped in on me in an unexpected way.

I was there with my 6 year old nephew Benn and we were aiming for a chipping net 60 yards away.

Benn would hit a few straight, but most shots he’d either pull it way left or push it right. The more I told him to concentrate on the net the worse the shot seemed to be.

Then the take dead aim thought kicked me.

I told Benn to aim for the right leg of the net not the whole net.
In the next 5 shots he hit the leg twice and put 1 in the net.

On his next set of 5 shots I said “Don’t forget to aim for the leg” His reply “What the leg I’ve already hit twice?”

Sometimes the targets we pick in golf are way too big. We hit and hope in the general direction and pray the ball goes straight.

When we pick a specific target, as small as possible, our brain is that amazing it knows how to get there. Sometimes we simply have to trust our billion dollar brain and get out of the way.

We can cancel out all that extra interference of the surroundings when we concentrate on that pin point goal.

Trust yourselves this week, pick a specific target and take dead aim!!

It’s never about golf.