See The Outcome - The Art Of Fore!

See The Outcome – The Art Of Fore! – Life Lessons From The Golfing Gods.

Today the golfing gods decided to teach me how to see the outcome not how difficult the journey is.


Golf has that unique ability to make you do something completely different in the blink of eye. Today was what I’m calling golf ball vision. The ability to see where you want the ball to be by imagining it’s already there.


Usually when I stand over a golf shot I pick a place on the green or fairway and imagine the ball going in that direction. Out of nowhere today something in my head decided to imagine that my ball was already where I needed it to be.


Now this sounds like something everyone does right? It’s not something I’ve ever done before though, usually I’m thinking how am I going to get the ball at my feet to that spot. This time I was seeing my ball on the green and then tracing the shot to it.


It was a very comfortable feeling for me. The vision seemed very vivid and more importantly it all seemed less technical. The vision was easier to imagine and that’s a huge part of achieving something. You need to be able to see it happen first. My brain seemed to say “ah ok that’s where you want it”.Through the course of the round I stuck with this new idea on all of my longer shots. A +5 record round for me proved something was working.


—–That was about Golf right—


If you read my posts regularly you know I tend to think nothing is about golf. How about taking this into my life? Instead of constantly worrying how I am going to get somewhere, why not imagine myself already there and then just do what is needed to make it happen.


It’s a small change in thought but a big shift. One thought is an anxious thought whilst the other is a relaxed feeling that it is has already happened. One becomes inevitable the other is a maybe.




I thank the golfing gods for continuing to teach me life lessons that I didn’t expect.


I need to think of a worthy sacrifice for them. I usually leave balls behind but I didn’t lose any today.