Rodney21 - What Is It?

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Rodney21 is me Paul Rodney Nico Nicholson reprogramming my life to gain true happiness.
I learn every day that life is tough and can be a grind even when you have the freedom to do whatever you want.
Sometimes it’s even that freedom that can hold you back and that seems ridiculous.

I’ve come to believe that most things that happen in life, happen because of formed habits. Both from within and from others.
This was a massive awakening for me along with so many other things that happened all at once.

I’m going to share my experiences and understandings of them in the hope that they may help me and you going forward.

Rodney21 is an understanding that not only do habits for and stay the norm after 21 times of doing something, but also take 21 conscious correct attempts at breaking them to make the new habit the norm. Rodney is my nickname and I always wondered why certain people called me it and others didn’t. Even after I asked people to call me Paul they still called me Rodney. Now I understand and think I can begin to share my experiences and learn to program myself to get into some great new habits for success and more importantly happiness.

This is the evolution of me, Paul Nicholson and hopefully you can take some of these experiences to help in your life too.

Paul Rodney Nico Nicholson

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“There is no such thing as failure, only feedback”