Relax — You Did Your Best With What You Had

The Art Of Fore — Life Lessons From The Golfing Gods

I’ve just come back from a weekend golf trip and it was brilliant, unfortunately though my shank came along too. Any golfer knows the shot that you shouldn’t name is a total score killer, and the less you see of it the better (for any none golfer it’s a shot that hits the shaft of the club and shoots straight right, 70 yards off target).

After two below average rounds I was a little down, but nowhere near the depths I would have sunk to three years ago. You see what I understand now is that we always do our best; we always react to the situation with the mental tools we have available to us at the time.

In the week after I packed my shank and took it to the range, I’ve worked on it. I’ve delved in to my swing to find where the error comes from and I hope I’ve succeeded. More inner knowledge has increased and if the shank arrives again I now have some clue where it came from. So on the next trip I’ll deal with whatever that throws at me.

So here’s the thing. If you’re looking back on a situation you feel you reacted badly to , or you feel it never went your way, that you could have done better, stop beating yourself up and understand you did your best with what you had at the time. If you want to be better then go to work on the subject, whatever it might be. Ignorance is not bliss; ignorance will make it happen just the same again, or maybe even worse.

Step out of you and reflect . Was I ready, was my mind fueled that day or was I tired and agitated, did I want to be there, was I on it or was I stressed. You know the answers. Use the answers to awaken the fire in you to get better, to work on what you need to.

So basically you’ve found your current best but you can move that bar. You can change to become the person you want to become, you can learn to respond not react, and it’s all within you. You have to go to work on the situation though. STOP worrying about it, you will work it out and the next time it comes along you’ll be better for it.

Everything is a gift but that isn’t your get out of jail free card to do what you want. Unless the results you are getting are exactly what you want.

Now I have a round today, I’m not leaving the shank at home I’ll keep it with me but I don’t plan to be using it. Never be afraid of your worst shot, just take total control of it. You are more powerful than you can imagine and no outcome should ever scare you. You will learn to deal with whatever this crazy world throws at you, and that will be in your best way at the time.

This is self-improvement and it shouldn’t be seen as you trying to fix yourself but trying to better yourself. Just like us golfers, we know that the most important shot is the next one, and we need to arrive at it in our best peak performance state. That isn’t something learned on the day two seconds after the shot, it’s something that has evolved inside us through years of study and practice.

Be patient with yourself , relax and enjoy the ride of self-awareness it really can be a great experience when you come at it from a “being-better” point of view. My goal as a human golfer is to be a little better today than I was yesterday. I will always do my best; I just need to make sure my best is moving towards great.

Now go get ‘em!