Potential-ometer - The Art Of Fore!

Potential-ometer – The Art Of Fore! – Life Lessons From The Golfing Gods.

I’m pretty sure anybody who has ever played a golf hole well has had the thought “I could be a pro at this” even if it’s a faint thought, or if it’s accompanied by the proviso – if only I’d started playing when I was 6.

Truth is though you know you are right.

The potential of anybody is they could be a pro and it doesn’t matter what at. If you pick your discipline and go for it eventually you will be. By pro I guess we all mean get paid for doing it.

But this is about golf. Golf lets you know that your potential is unlimited no matter the state of your game. It simply says to you if you want to get better all the tools are in place for you to be better.

There’s thousands of books, millions of videos, millions of teachers/coaches and when it comes to gadgets…

Whether or not you use any of these tools will always be up to you, but the simple fact is you have the potential to be better even if it’s just by one shot.

But don’t feel bad, in the last 30 years the average golfer has remained average with the same scores even though all this new equipment and information has come along. The average golfer sits at a 2 on the scale of 1 to 10 when it comes to how much are they playing golf to their potential. Books and videos are 1 thing but you still have to put them into practice.

But finally know, nobody makes it to 10, or if they do they find there’s an 11 on the scale they didn’t know about. The very best, even if they only admit it to themselves, will always think I could have been 1 shot better.

——-That’s about Golf right?——

Are you living up to your potential? Do you have all the tools at your disposal to be better at your chosen area of interest?

If not, don’t worry you’re not alone, and know nobody can live up to their unlimited potential.

Let me know on a scale of 1 to 10 how close you feel you are living up to your potential. Leave a comment below with the number, no explanations necessary.

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