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I had one of those days of reflection like many more of you may have, stemmed from the sad passing of Robin Williams.
I felt so sad for him and his family, what he must have been thinking or what was going on in his mind is so hard to understand.

Depression, drug use and alcohol abuse were some of the things I heard and most of us can certainly relate to that.
Some of us are suffering even whilst reading this post.

What I’ve come to understand, and I may be wrong again, is that all are lives come down to is what we believe.
It doesn’t matter what anyone tells us or forces upon us in this information spilling world, what we believe is hard coded into us.

If we believe we are fat when we are thin then we are.
If we believe we are ugly when we are beautiful then we are.
If we believe we are stupid when we possess a billion dollar brain then we are.
If we believe we can’t dance anymore then we won’t.
If we believe we will never achieve anything no matter what we do then we are right.
If we believe the person next to us is better than us then they are.
If we believe our time has gone or will never come then its gone.

But why do we believe those things? And we all do at some point.
What real proof have we that these things are true?
And do we really believe them deep, deep down?

I don’t believe I do.

I believe we are all great.
I believe there is nothing we can’t do.
I believe the next opportunity is the one that will move us one step closer to our goals.
I believe that the next email I get it’s from you telling me you are going to take on the world!
And I believe you will win.
I believe that this world is ready for us to stand up and dance
I believe we are going to shout from the roof tops just what we believe we deserve