No Expectation Golf

Why do we expect so much from ourselves when we play golf?
What does golf owe us anything for us to put such an expectation on it?
Golf doesn’t owe us birdies, or easy holes, or a consistent swing.

When we begin to expect things to happen, we begin to get loose, sloppy.

This is a hole I expect to get par or better”
I always say that on the easiest hole on the golf course.
And many times I leave the hole with a double-bogey blob on the card.
My disrespect for it has bitten into my scorecard yet again.

Then arriving at the hardest hole on the course – I expect nothing much.
And a par later I’m delighted.

Why have we predecided this to be the case.
Because of the difficulty of the hole, our skill level, past history?

Truth is, on any shot, anything can happen.
Yes, we need to focus on the best possible outcome.
Creating and executing the shot as we desire.

But can we really expect that to happen?
Why do we put such an expectation in the outcome?

Maybe we are all just expecting too much from outside factors and from ourselves.

We can’t control what golf throws back at us, but we can control our attitude towards it.

—That’s About Golf Right?—

Life is the same. We constantly walk around with expectations of others.
Expectations of outcomes, that we deem acceptable on not.
And then we get pissed when life doesn’t meet our expectations.

Maybe we should stop expecting so much.
Create a life where you try your best to get the best possible outcome.
Go towards that goal and have no expectation of others.