Me, My Ego And Self Doubt walked onto a golf course

Every time I step onto a golf course I never do it alone. No, it’s not my playing partners externally it’s the internal ones: ego and self doubt.

Before I even leave the house they have both chimed up. My ego makes excuses miles before the golf course and self doubt creeps in no matter how much I try to lay down a positive feel.

So who are these two impostors I take with me everywhere.
Ego – The self, especially as distinct from the world and other selves
Doubt – A lack of certainty that often leads to irresolution.
Self-Doubt – lack of confidence in one’s own motives, ability, etc.

So why do I take these with me. Ego, well that is who I am, who I see I am and who I think others see.
The Ego needs to shoot a low score, it needs to be stroked. What on earth could stop something happening to the ego.

Answer, nothing. Not on earth anyway. The golf course won’t move.
The biggest error any golfer has to deal with is doubt and especially self doubt.

Once doubt sets in I may as well pack up and go home. No low scores today.
The Ego will be bruised and, possibly, so will a golf club or golf bag.
Once doubt hurts the Ego everyone should stand back.

Both, in my experience are crippled by the lack of certainty. Both fall on their arses when they do not know the outcome of a balls flight or roll.

So what’s the answer.
Somedays you have to just trust yourself. Step out of the way. Make a decision and let the shot go.
If you have practiced enough you will be fine.
Doubt will not set in as much anyway and the ego will give you a free ride if there is a bad bounce.

The truthful inner thought really shouldn’t be “I wish this was easier” rather “I wish I was better”.
I guarantee Tiger Woods doesn’t have this much doubt to deal with, I bet he has some though.
Practice and experience will drive him on. He’s not giving up so why should I.

If you’ve told all your friends before you play how great you are and then go out and hit a stinker then yes, the Ego will be bruised.
Once bruised self doubt only grows bigger. There’s no way bay.

Or is it all internal you’ve set way to high expectations. You will only let yourself down.