Lock On To A Target To Ignore Your Negative Self-Talk

The Art Of Fore — Life Lessons From The Golfing Gods

Have you ever noticed when you’re driving your car your brain doesn’t care how hard the road ahead might be?

You say I need to go there and boom you are on your way. You think and worry about if, buts and maybes of what might happen; the other idiots on the road might jump out on you, you may drive too fast or slow, there may be traffic jams, you won’t get a parking space when you get there. All kinds of weird conversations are happening but something inside you isn’t listening it’s just driving towards your decided target.

You’ve set a target and your subconscious just cracks on to it. It isn’t worried about your self-talk it isn’t even listening because you’ve given it a job to do. when you’ve been driving long enough you don’t even think about how to drive, it’s like breathing something you know how to do without conscious thought.

Golf taught me this, this week, and I actually put it to the test as much as I can. What I found was when I had a set a specific target, I’d said right I need to hit it there, I made my best decision to set the target I thought and then just went right at it. Whenever I did that I was not able to put myself off.

I could worry about three-putting, the wind, the bounce, the wrong club, anything and it wouldn’t matter. The target is locked and all the other info can now come and go. I can’t stop the worry thoughts as I never made them appear so why in the past have I tried to stop them. I don’t when I’m driving my car, I just get on with it because I have somewhere I need to be. The only thing I do is lock on to the target —Nothing else matters . I’m locked in and ready to fire. The ifs, buts and maybes can do whatever they want I’m going that way and my focus is on one place.

There’s something that happens to your body when you do this, you relax, you grab the club less tight, you’re focused on where you want to be and your brain is telling you “Ok I’ve got this” it’s weird and wonderful.

Give it a try in anything you do, stop worrying about the negative talk you’ve tried to control that and not been able to. Lock on to what you believe to be your target, see it and then go for it. The way to stop the negative talk is to make it irrelevant and target lock will do that for you quickly.

When you fall off target just find it interesting, don’t berate yourself, just notice you’re off target and then get back on it. Just like a laser guided missile, you’ll have to constantly keep altering course but the target doesn’t change.

When you lock in something inside you will change. So take dead aim at your target whatever that might be.