It’s Not The King’s Fault You Continue To Be A Slave

It’s 2017 why do people continue to work as hard as if it was 1957… All this technology and still people busting their asses for f**k all $$ really pisses me off. If you were working hard and getting ahead of the game I could understand it, but to work like a donkey to just get by is insane.

Just like in Golf the average score of Golfers today is only 2 shots better than what it was in the 1980s and yet we have all this knowledge and technology…. The hard work has been done and paid for by others by now we should be reaping the benefits of all that pain not continuing to get pretty much the same results.

The world wants you to be slaves to the work, its geared up to make you like that.

Time to stop blaming the kings and start questioning the slaves…