It’s a 7 Iron Paul - The Inner Caddie Super Computer

I walk up to a shot in golf and 20 yards before I reach it…
The super computer in my head quietly says “It’s a 7 iron”

I acknowledge the noise and continue.
In the next 20 yards I prove the inner voice wrong.
It’s windy, it’s cold, last week 7 never made it, this week I might hit it too hard.

Another voice turns up, it’s the chimp.
And your partner is 2 shots ahead you better make this one right. He laughed at you last week.
Or something else none helpful.

I nod, listen to the chimp. Hit a 6 iron over the top of the green.

Once again the quiet voice of the super computer was right and I didn’t listen.

I spend a lot of time trying to make sure I listen to the initial thought.
It’s rarely wrong in golf, life, business.

I don’t know what to call that quiet voice. Intuition, Habit, Paradigms. It doesn’t seem to work on the same wavelength as me or the chimp.

This was some homework from a training course I am in. I thought it fitted well into my art of fore blog.