If You Want To Move Forward Get Off Your Knees And Move

I don’t know if you are begging or praying but either way get off your knees.

Nobody will do it for you, no divine power will give you a better job or more money or a healthy body.

You do have to visualise it first of course, but there’s a difference between wishing and visualising something. You’d never cross the road if you didn’t visualise moving to the other side 1st. You don’t wish the cars would all stop moving and there was zero risk though do you? You see the gap and then go with true faith in yourself and your ability to make it to the other side. .

See it, in your mind as if it already happened, see whatever it is you really want and then move towards that goal every day. Gentle pressure relentlessly applied to your goals will make them happen but you do have to do something.

Get what you want in life, not the bull shit wants like a new tv or a holiday. What you really want, what you wanted as a kid and still want now. You know what it is, the little voice no matter how quiet it is-is still telling you. Go after that.

You can have all you want, of that I am certain but the Law Of Attraction has ACTION on the end of it for a reason.