I Must Be Able To Start On Target – Right? – The Art Of Fore!

I played golf the other day and I was struck by just how easily I lose the vision.
The, this is what I want to do – thought.
Within seconds I’ve hit the ball and the start line isn’t even what I envisioned.
I’ve been infected within seconds of declaring my target and desired outcome and changed what I meant to do. The fear of being wrong has edited my idea.

Even on putts. That’s the line it’s agreed.
But in seconds I drag or push the ball on the wrong start line.
Something inside me runs interference and even a relatively easy putt can be affected.

I begin to tell myself – No matter what happens when the ball is away from me, I have to start it on the right line. The line I have decided is the correct one for the shot. Trust the vision no matter what.

It’s so simple, so easy to stick to.
But you have to make a decision.
You have to say I am going this way, and this way first.

I can’t control the wind, the bounce, my playing partners or many other things is Golf.

I can control the ability to stay on the target line until the shot is on its correct way.

—This was about Golf right? —

So many of us have grand plans and ideas.
We see the end, the goal, the thing we really want to happen.
And then in seconds with lost the target line. We’ve been dragged off in another direction.

Don’t let your mind wander. See the target line, the goal and set off towards it on the correct line. You know what that line is for you. Don’t sway or let anything or anyone move you from the target. Especially don’t let yourself talk you out of the right thing to do.

Set your goals, set them huge, but then get back to now – which direction must you set off in now?