I’m Not Thinking About You So Stop Worrying What I Think

Stop worrying what you think people are thinking about you. And definitely stop worrying what you think I think of you.

Eleanor Roosevelt said — “You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realised how seldom they do.”

I’m not sat here contemplating your life, your ifs buts or maybes going forward. I’m just not. You may have gotten five seconds of my attention when you posted a picture of your holiday, but the second it vanished from my feed you vanished from my mind.

This isn’t me trying to be mean, it’s me just trying to be honest. I obsess over myself, my life, my bank account, my family, my career basically all things me — yes Happy-Me.

I want you to do well in everything you do. But please stop thinking the world gives you so much of their thoughts, they are too obsessed with themselves.

Just think about your favourite song. Do you think about the singer while you listen to it or do you think about how the story reflects on your life or memories. You love the song because you think it’s about you.

So dive in to that thing you are scared to do, that thing that’s eating away at you that you’ve not done because you are scared of what you think the world might think. I often think, what would I do if there weren’t any other people in the world, and then I do that.

I haven’t quite cracked that in all areas though. If I knew the gym was empty I might go to it, but my lack of gym knowledge still acts as a barrier to me going. I’ll work on that, just like you should be working on your fears too.

Stop worrying, they aren’t watching, just be you — we need your creativity.