I Don't Know Where To Start

I am a huge believer that everyone is special. That your unique gifts are exactly that, unique to you, and you probably have a good idea what they are already and by gifts I also mean your dreams. When it comes to using them or chasing them though, I hear people saying “I wouldn’t know where to start” and that really amazes me. I hear that from my friends who have just turned 40, or like me, are approaching it fast. My simple reply to them is “you are way past the start line, just look how far you have come”. If you are reading this then the good news is you have started. You’ve been interested enough to read an article. You probably spend some part of your week reading articles, listening to audio books or watching Youtube videos about that thing inside you that fires you up. You know your passion, that little voice inside your head won’t let you forget it, no matter how quiet it has become.

So you don’t need to know where to start, that’s already happened, what you MUST do is keep going. Don’t get disillusioned because the road seems too long, too hard or you feel you can’t make it. Just like reading this article, bring yourself back to this moment, right now, this second, and simply think about or feel what you have to do next. What’s the next task for you?

I’m sat in a beautiful house that my mum and dad built back in 1978. A huge project they took on in their spare time, spare time they had little of when they had 2 young kids and 2 busy day jobs. I say they started it in 1978, but they must have been planning it for years before they laid the 1st brick. They had to complete the project in their heads before they began. Once they started building though how did they create such a great house that still stands as our family home 36 years later? My dad laid each brick perfectly in place, 1 brick at a time. And that was a long time before emails, the Internet and mobile phones made projects just a little bit easier to organize or research.

So you’ve started now, just lay the next brick perfectly (by perfectly I mean to the best of your ability on that day, that’s all you can do) and before long you will have built your dream.

I hope you found this article when you needed it. If you have any questions fire away in the comments below or email me Paul@Happy-Me.net Have a great day my friends and remember happiness is the journey not the destination.

Paul 🙂
Happy-Me building a better tomorrow by using our imagination and creativity today.