I Can't Swing It For You - The Art Of Fore!

I Can’t Swing It For You – The Art Of Fore! – Life Lessons From The Golfing Gods.

I can give you the clubs, the information and all the support you need, but I can’t swing the club for you.

No matter the outcome I will be here for you. Not as someone to give you advice or tell you what to do but as your caddie. The guy that watches the ball sail off into the distance with you and simply thinks – that’s interesting.

You are better than me at this game and you need to play the game the way you want to. Not the way I want you to.

Love your inner self.

——-That was about Golf right?——-

Everybody needs a caddie, but you don’t need someone else to be one. Ever notice how you can observe yourself, your thoughts, your actions. Yeah that’s interesting. We all have an inbuilt caddie who can simply observe just let him/her watch and know you don’t need their advice they are just watching.

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