Hay Fever Is An Allergic Reaction to yourself - Here's How I Stopped Being Scared Of Summer

The Problem:

All my life I have suffered from hayfever and certainly last summer it was at it’s worst. My love of golf but dislike of either grass or trees made it a summer battle between my nose, eyes and LOTS of anti histamine tablets. To play golf last summer I was taking up to 3 tablets a day to feel okay and I still would be very wary of looking for my ball in high rough or trees, which is where it landed most of the time.

So I’ve decided to run the Rodney21 philosophy over this desease.

1st – Seek To Understand

What is hay fever?

I searched for a quick definition here but all sites give way too much information so this is a summary of what I found out.
Hay fever is the body’s reaction to what it sees as an attacker in pollen. The body may also see dust mites as the same attacker.

When the body alerts to these attacks it begins to counterattack by creating Histamines as a defence. These histamines are what make your eyes itch and your nose run or cause sneezing. It is the body creating a defence against Pollen attacks.

What is the current fix?
So, the pills I take are anti-histamines. I’m taking pills not against the pollen or dust mites but against the chemical that my own body creates. I always presumed that the pills helped me receive the pollen.

What’s the problem with the current fix?

Any Hay Fever sufferer will know it’s a nightmare when you get a sudden attack, especially if the pills or spray are not close by. It’s also not a fix it’s a sticking plaster over the problem.

So what happened?

So far in 2013 I have played more golf than ever before and I am yet to take 1 pill. Every now and again I wake up with a sore nose but rather than taking a pill I simply rub a small amount of vaseline inside my nostrils.

So what did I do?

I decided that my mind thought that the smell of pollen was an attack on my body so it decided to counter attack with Histamines.

All I changed was I told myself more than 21 times
“The smell is not an attack on me and I don’t need to worry”

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Trust me Hay fever has not just stopped in me like people will say. I decided that it wasn’t a problem and now it isn’t one.

Just tell yourself you don’t have it!

Have you ever felt fine and then someone says to you “Hey you get hayfever can’t you smell the pollen?” then 30 seconds later your eyes begin to stream…. Hmmmmmm.

I originally wrote this post in October 2013 so wanted to update and repost in June 2014. I am still to take any form of tablet or spray for my so called hayfever. And another update to this in late August 2015. I do not you need to be conscious and on top of the thought so when I am busy it is harder to keep saying “it’s ok, it’s not an attack”.

Let me know what you think? Comment or send me a message i’d love to hear your thoughts.