Great Expectations - The Art Of Fore!

Great Expectations – The Art Of Fore! – Life Lessons From The Golf Gods

I’ve heard quite often that people don’t want to play golf with me because they think I am too good and they are not good enough.

The golfing gods were happily ready to deal out a solution to that problem last week.

A friend of a friend was visiting from Canada and was free for a couple of days so we invited him to play golf with us. The usual conversation ensued “watch out these boys are good” someone piped up “Oh well I’m no good but I’ll come” said the Canadian.

A few days later we arrived at the course.

Plenty had been said about how good I am and how far I can hit a ball etc. and plenty had been said about how poor our new Canadian friend was at the game.

I stood on the first tee took my usual practice swings, feeling confident and blam! I hit the ball no more than 5 yards. It just about made it off the tee.

The truth is, I’m as nervous to live up to your expectations as you are. There’s no super heroes here.

——That Was About Golf Right?——

Thanks for reading Life Lessons from The Golf Gods – It’s never about golf.

Tell me your experiences where you felt it hard to live up to other people’s expectations or even your own. Do you have a technique to get past the nerves?

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