Front Foot Forward - Life Lessons From The Golf Gods

Have you noticed how when the chips are down you defend yourself, go into a shell and just try to ride the storm – Well I do.

The golfing gods choose to teach me this both in my game and via others. When you are defending you are at the mercy of things happening to you.

I’d been playing one of my best rounds of golf. With three holes to play and looking at a putt for eagle I was eying up my first ever under par round. I started counting the shots – where was I at and what did I need to do to get home under par. I’d not paid much attention to my score during the round but now with a putt for eagle I was beginning to count up.

Once this thought was in my head I was done. I tried to steer myself and my score into the club house. I was dreaming of the joys of telling everyone what I had done. Not a good idea, I’d three putt the last three holes to no longer care about my score.

A round or two later I was playing with some friends and giving golfing advice. My advice generally stops at back-hit (check out the video). Like most golfers I noticed the long confident swings of the first few holes morph into short guided swings of a golfer losing confidence. The poor results of the big swing had scared the golfer into just trying to get the damn thing forward.

Well, both myself and the rookie golfers have to snap out of it. You can’t play golf on the back foot. Trying to control everything and hope the ball goes straight and if it does go wrong it isn’t long and wrong. That sounds like a fun round of golf right?…

Of course confidence will knock us but you can feel where that is. If you are feeling on the back foot and don’t like it take some deep breathes and get back on the front foot.

It doesn’t matter what the total score is just what you do with this shot – The one at your feet. Are you going to hit it how you know you should with confidence and feel, a shot that will entertain your inner self or just try to make some sort of contact and be thankful you did.

Get on the front foot, see what you want and make it happen.

——-That was about Golf right?——-

Thanks for reading Life Lessons from The Golf Gods – It’s never about golf.

Tell me your experiences where you found yourself on the back foot and what action you took to snap out of it. Or haven’t you yet?

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