Focus On Direction – Not The Distance

I went to the driving range the other day and I bought a new fangle dangle laser range finder that tells me exactly how far away the flag is. Yes, to the yard. Golf has become so much easier now. The first time I used it on a course I shot a 98!! 17 shots worse than my handicap.

So what happened?

Well I’m a decent trouble shooter and I can work things out 1 action at a time.
New course, I’d never played there before, and yes very gradient there were lots of uphill/downhill shots.
It was muggy the ball wasn’t flying as far as normal.

But after all those excuses, what was really going on?

I went down to the range to work it out. The new laser rangefinder came too.
I picked out the 100 yard sign (It was 112 yards away) – now hit the thing.
Balls were going left and right, the odd one on target.

And then the change came!
The “You are not a tree!” moment.

I thought “look, you know the distance concentrate on the target”
So for the next few shots all I thought about was setting the ball off in the right direction and bingo.
I then picked different targets around the range, estimated the yardage and bingo again.

I’m not saying that’s the key to all this, or that I have cracked it now.
All I am saying is I had to stop obsessing on how far away something was, my billion dollar brain knows that already.
What’s more important is that I’m headed in the right direction. 20 yards short or long, in most cases, will be better than 20 yards left or right.

The laser range finder is still a useful tool, but when the yardage is locked into your brain you can stop worrying about it.
The body knows how far to hit it. It’s more important that you are going in the right direction.

That’s about golf right?