Finally The Day Where Quitting Is No Longer An Option

The Art Of Fore — Life Lessons From The Golfing Gods

Yesterday was my worst golf game in probably five years. I didn’t have a clue where that little ball was going to go. Shank was in my game and I’d lost control of everything from my head to my toes.

By the ninth hole I was close to the clubhouse and therefore my car, and down to about three balls left in my bag. I began to think “you’re struggling, just call it a day”. I looked around it was a beautiful day; I was playing with a good friend, there was only two of us playing. I took a breath and was thankful to be there. I wasn’t quitting, not now, not ever.

I decided my only challenge today was to make sure my terrible round didn’t affect my playing partners too much. I wasn’t going to spoil his day because I was bombing.

I lost two more balls in the pond on the tenth and then on the 11th I made a pact with my ball. Me and you are making it to the end of this round, together.

I began to relax . I reached for longer clubs and tried to hit them softer. I controlled the backswing and stopped trying to smash it around and muscle the game. In essence I stopped trying to break the course record and began to just get the ball moving forward again.

And in the next three holes I made a bogey and a couple of pars. It wasn’t the attacking golf I love to play but it was me taking back control. My partners game picked up too. By the end of the round me and that last ball had made it together. I’d not quit or spoilt someone else’s day and I was proud to have taken control of my monkey brain.

It wasn’t until a few hours after the game that I began to reflect on what I’d done. I’d reached the point where quitting was not an option. I’d finally taken control of my brain to say “no, we go for this until the end and screw the score”. Nobody else cares about the damn score anyway except for me, so what’s was I really worried about?

Now where else am I working towards quitting is not being an option. Where else do I love what I’m doing? My family for sure I’ll never quit on them, no matter our mini battles. Happy-Me has been with me for two years now and there’s no quitting that either. I will just keep going until I get to the end or in both cases the next level.

Look around and see your quitting is not an option. Those are the things you love, that drive you. Anything else other than Golf, My Family (and friends) or Happy-Me I would have quit yesterday, I know because I have. If I had a normal day job and I was having a day like that I’d probably have told the boss I wasn’t feeling great and gone home, so that’s why I don’t have one I guess.

Move towards and try to find the things in life you don’t want to quit at. Find that thing you are going to commit to until you win. I will play golf now until I am physically unable to, I will never quit playing, I will keep adapting to what I can do to the best of my ability and each day I play my knowledge about the game and myself continues to grow.

The rough and the smooth come and go with everything in life. Keep going and doing the thing you love. If it was easy everyone would be doing it and it would make our efforts pointless so enjoy the ride. You’ll look back and laugh no matter the outcome when you are coming out the other side with your head held high.

It’s a funny thing though, I feel my golf game is about to explode into something great. I feel it’s right on the edge of being in such great shape I’ll be shooting scores I never dreamed of. Yesterday’s round was simply moving towards that. Knowing I had a really bad shot in me helps me to zone in and focus and for that I have to thank the shank.