Fighting The Right

We all fight the right. The Happy-Me Philosophy 4th idea.
Trust the feel — Just Do Right

What do I mean?

I mean we all know what we should be doing and then we fight it. We know we have priorities, we have the next todo on our list but we skip it. We jump to the easy stuff, the fluff the pissing about and not what will bring us results.

Why create something great when we can binge watch the new series of some awesome tv show. Why build something that will last for years and benefit our lives when we can go sit in another coffee shop and spend $5 on a coffee even though we are skint.

I do it all the time and let me tell you via the power of golf too.
Currently in the Uk we are having a hot spell, yep even in May it’s been sunny for a couple of weeks now. So that has baked the golf course. It’s hard, everything is bouncing high and rolling on fast.

So on any approach shot to a green the smart golfer knows to land the ball ten to fifteen yards short of the green and then let the ball roll onto it. It simply won’t hold if you try to fly it and spin back.

It’s obvious, it makes sense and it’s the right thing to do to shoot a good score in these conditions. This is knowledge vs ignorance.

Do I do that?

Erm, I really try to. I just have an inner flag hunter that wants to bounce the ball on the hole. But then it goes 20 yards long and probably into the long rough that’s been created by the sunny growth spurt.

I feel it, I feel the fight against right. I feel the knowledge telling me what I should be doing and yet I still don’t do it. What am I resisting. What stops me from changing to the situation. Just stubbornness, or the fact I’m always trying to hit the perfect shot.

Or do I leave myself a little sneaky get of jail clause here, a self destruct option, where I can say “Well I went for it” probably.

Failing being sensible isn’t a feeling I like, but failing doing something dumb is even worse.

I will learn. Enough pain will make it happen. Enough blow out shots will teach me the hard way. But why am I not just going with what is right. That part of me that knows.

Fighting the right is a battle you don’t need to be involved in. The right stands there for all to see it. This is the right thing to do, not some dumb shot that will maybe have magic, but not create a great round.