Email From Your Caddy

Hi Paul,

Happy Monday! what a great day to start your new blog up!!
So much possibilities this week that are waiting for you to take aim at.

It’s cold outside so enjoy the inside practice and go get them.

Just remember your rules though:
Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better
Everything is a gift – possibly from the angels
There’s no such thing as failure only feedback
Have fun, entertain yourself and they will probably like it too
Make the right decision, or take a chance but be able to forgive yourself if it fails
You are not your chimp, forgive yourself and keep moving forward
The days are long, but the years are short

Those rules will change and you have plenty more brewing.
Nothing happened over night so keep coming back to practice and monitor your progress.
There’s lots of work to do just do the first thing first, one shot at a time.

I’d really like to see you get a few sites up and working this week on
If this post makes it to the world then must be up. Get some more up.

Don’t forget the day job though, make sure your customers are feeling the love. Don’t wait for an email from them checkin first.

Be gentle with yourself and the world this week. Remember everyone is battling the demons of an unfair world and they all have things going on. Keep it fair and positive, make sure they are aware you are their to help, don’t force it.

Swing easy my friend, trust your instincts and go get them!!

Always with you,

(Your Caddy)

P.S. You just reread this and resistance made you not want to post it. Remember it is just resistance – post the damn thing. it’s not the end of the world if they don’t like it. Don’t let resistance bury you this week.

WOW 4 and half years ago this is true.