Dreams Keep You Awake

Life is a dream and a reality all rolled into one. We bounce from day to day on the roller coaster of emotions.

Everyday that I don’t do what I know my heart is screaming at me to do i seem to get a little more pissed off with myself and the world.

You can’t fight the inner voice, the one that leads you on the correct the path. It’s your biggest cheerleader and it won’t see you wrong. Some may call it gut, some heart, some the sub-contious voice. But how often do we listen, follow it’s advice and go for it. In my case almost never.

Eyes will roll when I tell you golf has taught me all of this. How to listen to the inner voice, to not fight it, to go with it. What has passed is gone, what is to come we can’t do anything about. We can only live in the now and hit this shot. And in golf you can’t con your sub-conscious. Your brain might be saying you want to hit the ball a certain way, but trust me, your body and inner self has already made a decision and it’s sticking to it. Don’t fight it, trust it.

I have known for some time, probably since I was at school that I wanted to be a writer. I hid away from that reality behind all the other things I do.
How do I know this? When I close my eyes and allow my mind to come back to the thing I want most it’s what always comes first.
Not a golfer, or footballer, or famous something or other, or rich, or successful. Simply a writer. Someone who tells stories.

And yet I have fought it forever by trying to do the expected or the safe option.
Why, because I’m not very good at writing and terrible at spelling. Well guess what, I wasn’t too good at golf when I started hitting that stupid little ball. Not that I’m any good at it now but I love to play it and love the challenge it brings to both learn and teach others what i know.

10 years ago almost to the day I completed my first Screen Play. Scuba Doo Diving. 6 months after my second Hereditary TV.
They were both poor but had the right energy and passion without the craft or skill to make them better.
I then quit, like I do when most things have gotten too hard.

But hear I am 10 years on, back at the same place wanting the same thing. To tell a story, hopefully at least one person likes.
10 years later on and plenty has happened in the world, my world, all our worlds. Will I be better now? Yes or no it doesn’t matter. I understand that if this is the path I want to take then it’s time to stop pissing about and walk down it.

The final lesson for today from golf. Believe in yourself, the shot you have chosen and take DEAD AIM!!