Dot Connecting 101 - Backward Dot Connecting Isn't The Future

Steve Jobs will tell you that you can only connect the dots looking backwards and in a reflective sense he has to be right. Don’t let that be your get of jail free card though. You have to see the dots you want to connect.

Let’s face if we played golf and only wondered what happened after a round we’d be in a world of scoring pain. Looking backwards isn’t taking us anywhere. The best golfers connect the dots before each round, before every shot. They don’t leave it to chance and worry after the event. They focus and make their vision happen, which they always do if they don’t quit – get the ball in the hole.

Jobs was a visionary so I think he may have been a little tongue in cheek when he said you can only connect the dots looking backwards. He saw exactly what he wanted and went for it.

I say connect the damn dots looking into your future. Decide what you want to happen and go for it.

Don’t look back at the dots and regret a thing they will be connected as you desired. So make sure the dots you choose are exactly what you want to happen. Exactly! Not I wish or I hope. Exactly how you see it will become yours if you fully focus on the goal you have decided. Make sure it is massive!

See it and then just do it. I think another brand said that last bit.

And finally remember everything is a gift. Maybe that’s what Steve really meant to say.