Do You Even Know What You Want? The Sushi Factor

I think it’s safe to say, that most people don’t know what they want.

Of course they think they do, lottery winner, sexy partner, great job, fast car, all those kinds of things but how do they know that’s what they want?

Specifically the thought hit me was why do Walker’s crisps need so many flavours? How did they know which flavours people liked? Especially ones that are new and never tested.

Surely they must have tested them on people by giving it to them and saying do you like this?
People can only review products after they’ve tried them, not come up with something they want by themselves. Worcestershire sauce flavour for example, who came up with that? This makes me remember the chief taster for Walker’s crisps advert, a dream job for me.

I’d never been interested in, or thought I’d like, Sushi but when I tried it I loved it!
I’m from the North of England, the only fish we like is battered and fried isn’t it?

Coffee, when did I decide I liked, and wanted, weak milky coffee? Latte! When I tried it.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, maybe we should relax on all those wants and desires that we think we need and go out and try new experiences. We just might find what we really wanted. Either way it will make life a little more interesting than sticking to drinking cups of tea.

At work, if you stand by your products and think people need them then you have to get them out there and let them try them. Stop asking what people want and give them what you know they will want once they’ve tasted it.

Having said all that, I do recommend you write down what you want to happen in the next 10 years. Having specific goals written down is proven to be a much better plan to achieve them. Here’s my 30 minute workshop to help you get your goals written down. Maybe after reading this post you might throw some weirder goals on your list.