Clouds And The Mud - The Art Of Fore!

Clouds And The Mud – The Art Of Fore! – Life Lessons From The Golfing Gods.

Everyone has dreams, an idea, the light inside them that excites them with passion. Here’s my theory on how to get going on your dreams delivered as always by the golf gods.

Golf teaches me in one round that you have a big dream, to shoot a low score, but to get there you have to hit the ball at your feet well every time, or to the best of your ability.

Lots of one shots make up a total score and if you are loose on each shot the total score will be loose too. If you give each shot complete attention and fascination then you will give yourself a chance.

Dream big of course but always remember you have to come back to what you do now as that impacts the score. Everything in between is all a cloud of haze.

You can look up at your dreams and see them a mile away and that’s fine, but when you look down at your muddy ball imperfect but ready to go you can deliver at that moment.

No golfer ever shot a low round without practicing on his/her weaknesses. It’s never happened. You live, learn and then go again.

The one question I always ask myself before each shot “What shot is going to entertain you?” – then I do that and deal with what happens on the next shot. If you hit boring shots you’ll get bored plain and simple, you’ll be trying to guide your dream home rather than arriving on the seat of your pants laughing your head off.

——-That was about golf right?——-

Dream big, get excited and know that it will feel a long way away but then come back to this moment and simply think what do I need to do, right now, to get me one step closer to that dream.

Thanks for reading Life Lessons from the Golf Gods.