Chasing Par - Can You Forgive Yourself

Yesterday was a visit to the art of forgiveness when what I desired didn’t work out. But then it’s easy to forgive when you’ve whole heartedly decided to go for it.

The scene is simple. A very good round of golf saw me sat in position A on the 18th fairway at 1 over par.

A birdie would secure my first ever round at level par and par or bogey would still be a great round too.

So what’s the decision from 150 yards away. Do I go for it, try and knock one next to the hole and have a short putt for birdie and a great story for the pub, or play to the middle of the green and the sensible option of a 30 foot birdie putt and an then almost certain par.

I was confident that I could knock it close, hell I’d played well all day why not, but the real question was “If you go for the flag and push it long will you be able to forgive yourself?”

I knew I was chasing the birdie and not the par. I was chasing a great score of Par (yeah golfers dream of being par even though only the best seem to get it).

So, shot decided and on it’s way followed by me saying “be right!”. It was a good shot. But 10 feet long of the green. Ah, I’d spanked it. A fluffed chip and 3 putts later I’d walk of with a 6 and still a respectable 3 over par. Ah but what could’ve been.

What I’m trying in a very long winded golf story to say is, if you commit to something and it doesn’t work out, forgive yourself, enjoy the fact that you went for it then turn up the next time and go for it again.

Nothing that happened yesterday affects what will happen tomorrow. Because I went long last time doesn’t mean it will go long next time or in a pond or bounce of a tree or fail.

Stick with it. Live it, learn from it and bring it again next time. Everything is a gift even when it doesn’t feel like it.

Good luck in everything you are deciding to do today.