Bad Backaaratty - Focus On Where You Want To Be

Last Saturday I trapped a nerve in my back and have have been hobbling around for the last 3 days like an old man, ok older man.

The mornings were definitely more difficult until I finally changed my focus.

It was a weird realisation but as I took one step forward and hobbled back in pain I looked up. The corner of the room where the walls hit the ceiling caught my focus. I don’t know why but I walked towards it and there was no pain.

I opened the bedroom door and looked at the noble on the bannister at the top of the stairs and took aim. Again I was pain-free and moving forward. Down to the kitchen and the kettle was on. The same theory with coffee in hand back upstairs to my office and all in less time than it had taken me to open the bedroom door.

Did I cure my bad back? Hell no. I just focused on where I wanted to be and somehow my brain worked it out. I stopped concentrating on the pain or the possible pain and picked a target to focus on. I’d gotten out of my own way and that big old brain that runs the show had taken control and it let me know it had this.

Focus on where you want to be this week, next week, next year, in 10 years and go for that. Stop worrying about your current pain, there are forces in the universe at work that we have no idea how they work but they’re ready to help with your dream. You will be surprised at what you can achieve when you define the target.

Go for it. Stay focused. Take dead aim at your dreams.