3. The World's Largest Roller Coaster - Why I Quit The Drink

Life is a roller coaster and that’s certainly true but how much of a high and low is up to you I guess.

When the highs are high that’s great as long as the lows on the other side aren’t crazy low.

Drinking with my friends was always a high. Well it was for the first 7 pints and then the peak would happen. Like most drinkers there’s a tipping point. The place where the world just seems to catch up with you and then you come crashing down to earth with a bang.

The morning after was becoming increasing low. The Dip, the not wanting to get out of bed, the I can’t be arsed today and when you do that 3 to 4 times a week you are wasting some serious time in your life.

If drinking is an excuse to stay in bed till the afternoon then there’s a problem. You are missing most of your life and by you I mean me.

The feeling is what really drives it home. Nothing in the world can make a hungover person feel better except what… another drink or eating crap. Ever notice how when you feel shit only shit will make you feel better. Ok I know some of you fitness buffs will say a jolly good walk sorts you out but I’m talking about the overweight piss heads of the world like me here.

The roller coaster of highs was great. The connection with your friends out dancing, singing and generally acting up was fine but if the flip side is the total disconnect of the morning after then it’s just way too much of a gap for any sensible person to be able to handle. Everyone finds it too much eventually.

So it was time to step off the roller coaster and back onto a more level playing field. Maybe just for a short time, but a short time that was needed. Being high is great but if the only answer to the lows was more drugs in the form of booze, shit food or visiting the Dr for some happy pills then it’s not worth it.

Thanks for reading. I hope in some way this helps you or a friend if you are having issues with the booze or other substances.
Ask any questions or leave a comment below I’ll happily answer anything I can help with.

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