2020Dreamer it's my life coach - Life Caddie

Hi all, I’m sure you’ve seen my posts via 2020Dreamer and after talking to a few people I just wanted to clarify the plan with that site.

Firstly I am not in training to be a life coach. How could I ever consider doing that when I’ve all on keeping my own life in a straight line. Certainly all I’ve learned in the last year regarding NLP is to coach myself into change and gain better habits – I will try to pass those on.

2020Dreamer is a plan I’m putting in place to create the future I want from the vision I have.
Recently I’ve learnt some new techniques on changing mind sets and altering habits. On this website I’ll share everything I learn and hopefully they will be useful for mapping out your future too.

If it helps then great, after all we are all responsible for our own lives so you have to be your own coach first.
What I hope is to be able to create a community site where everyone shares their ideas, especially if they are backed up with real results.

Once up and running hopefully 2020Dreamer will be self explanatory and help as much as it can.
Now to go get it working. www.2020Dreamer.com

After a brainstorm I came up with the name I will associate with my new learnings.


The truth is you have all the answers to what you want in life so all you really need is someone to ask the right questions and give you some support. So in that respect what better than a caddie? After all you are the one that takes the shots.

Everything is a gift! 🙂