11 Tips To Help You Get Your Company Blog Moving

Have you been having problems knowing what to blog about to promote your brand? Or do you just not know where to begin?

Here’s 11 tips to help inspire you to create more content.

1. Why Are You Here?

Ask yourself why are we here, what problem does our product solve and the most important question – have we told anybody the answers to the first two questions this week. There’s a reason your company was formed and why it’s still here today – tell people about it. Share your passion, even if you hate working for the company you could come up with something that inspires you about the place and certainly about the people there. Tell the world about your amazing cleaner who’s been working there for 40 years.

2. Tap Into Your Experts

You are the experts in your chosen field and should be sharing your knowledge with the world. What is it that you know that if the world knew they would buy your products or interact with your brand more? What are those insights that you tell people on a daily basis but when it comes to your blog/website that information is no where to be seen. I’ve worked with so many people who can talk for hours about their jobs and how busy they are day to day with work but can’t think of anything to blog about.

3. Be Human

People by from people and relate to people, don’t send out the company line all the time. Write a post in your own voice, say something you’d say in person. It’s that coffee moment. Would I say this to somoene over a coffee or do I sound like a robot. People love to hear the passion of a persons voice not something you feel that person wanted you to say. Write what you believe.

4. Don’t Just Sell

You don’t need to always push your products in posts, in fact some would say it’s a blogging no no. Talk about the great work your team are doing out in the world. Did someone just run a marathon for charity or volunteer somewhere? Share the information, let people get to know your team and how great they are at being people. Once people trust your team they will start to browse around your products and your site too. When they call you they will have something to talk about.

5. Watch The Competition

Keep an eye on what all your competitors are doing. They will give you ideas of what you can post. Also, the beauty of the interenet now is you can watch a company like yours that is 5,000 miles away. They may not be your direct competitors but you can learn from what they are doing right and wrong. No matter what business you are in you know your competition, just keep a friendly eye on them and then go be better than them.

6. Just Try it

There is no such thing as failure only feedback. I don’t believe there’s any strict rules as to what you should post so try anything and then keep an eye on what works and what doesn’t. Don’t just throw something out into the world though, share what you believe in, if you like the post others will too.

7. Measure, Measure, Measure

The world is full of stats now, some are useless others are very useful. Make sure you have access to your sites analytics. With Google analytics you will be able to see the traffic flow on your site by customers and prospective customers. If you see a lot of traffic to a certain page then maybe you want to write a post aimed at that information. Or, reversely, if you have a great product that isn’t getting any love then you may want to share information regarding that post. And then measure again. You are in control and it’s your website, where do you want people to go?

8. You Know Your Customers

You know the people you deal with, you know the questions they ask you every day and you know the best answers they want to hear. Are those questions being answered on your site? Possible blog post? Tell a story that answers the question.

9. Write About A Customer

Have you sold a product to an interesting customer? A customer who made you all laugh with a story? Share it. Share what you did for the customer. Promote your customers in your own posts and they will share the post with their friends and customers and may return the favour and blog about you. Write about someone else, someone that inspired you. Did an experience as a customer inspire you to start up your company? Give that company or person credit. If it was a bad experience you might not want to share their name.

10. Just Be Yourself

I know there’s a need in the world to sound professional and if strangers came across you you’d want to appear to be the best. Truth is you can only be yourself. Writing a post in someone else’s voice will only trick someone for the first interaction, once they meet you it’s you anyway so you might as well write in your own words than trying to manufacture someone else’s. That passion you have for your company will come flying out of you when you use your own voice, just like you do when you meet people in person.

11. Just Start And Have Fun

The final tip is just begin doing it. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you can have and what you will learn about your own company and the people who work for it. Look at is as an exercise into learning more about yourselves and share that with the world. Did you know that Ian in accounts, that really quite gentlemen, is a national champion ball room dancer? Get interested in the people around you and the products you sell and have fun telling people about them.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it helps inspire you to begin blogging or helps you get back into the routine.

I always love to hear what you think about my posts so please let met know. Did I nail a few points but miss others? Or do you have any questions I haven’t covered? Let me know it would be great to hear from you.

Have a great day and thanks for dropping by.